Anthologies, collections, & the conceit of the conceptual.

Includes anthologies, collected essays, artist's and writer's projects, at the editor's whim. It is, after all, her enterprise. Book covers, as some may have noticed (yes, the editor continues to resent two pejorative comments about this), are in varying attractive shades of pink. 

ON CARE, edited by Rebecca Jagoe & Sharon Kivland
SALON FOR A SPECULATIVE FUTURE, edited by Monika Oechsler with Sharon Kivland
Unable to achieve broad recognition in my lifetime, I laboured in obscurity until my death last year, by Sharon Kivland
The Graveside Orations of Carl Einstein
a project by Dale Holmes, edited by Dale Holmes & Sharon Kivland


RECIPES UNDER CONFINEMENT, edited by Sharon Kivland (December 2020)
ON FIGURE/S, edited by Michael Newman, Sharon Kivland, & Kate MacFarlane, in collaboration with  Drawing Room on the occasion of the exhibition  FIGURE/S: drawing after Bellmer, 2021  (February 2021)