James Davies
The Ten Superstrata of Stockport J. Middleton, 2020

In the spirit of Philip K. Dick, The Ten Superstrata of Stockport J. Middleton reworks the first page of Dick’s mind-bending novel The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritchinto ten alternative illusions, retaining, in each case, the fundamental syntactic code of the original text. ‘He’ becomes ‘she’, ‘she’ becomes ‘they’, ‘they’ becomes ‘robot’, ‘robot’ becomes ‘tiger’, ‘tiger’ becomes ‘it’. Such gentle mutations flip the picture yet also leave uncanny traces, generating weaves and trails similar to Eldritch itself.

James Davies is the author of the novels The Wood Pigeons and When Two Are In Love or As I Came To Behind Frank’s Transporter, co-written with Philip Terry, the short story Changing Piece, and several poetry collections, including Plants,A Dog, and stack. For a number of years he co-organised the event series The Other Room, and continues to run his long-running and influential poetry press if p then q.

Mark Leahy writes about this book in STRIDE
Edition of 50, each signed & numbered
16 pages
190 mm x 130 mm
ISBN 978-1-910055-69-4

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