The Constellations

A group of stars forming a recognisable pattern that is traditionally named after its apparent form or identified with a mythological figure. A group of associated or similar people or things. A series of books from MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE. They are modest but lovely.


New & Forthcoming

New & Recent: 

Mark Francis Johnson, 800 JKS
Mira Mattar, Yes, I am a destroyer
Adam Roberts, Lamentation. In the Stuart Croft Archive 
Simon Wortham, The small
The Roland Barthes Reading Group,  Roland Barthes’s Party


Francis Wasser, Slip (April 2021)
Tamarin Norwood, The Point of Contact (April 2021)
Gill Houghton, Day Book (May 2021)
Emmanuelle Waeckerlé, A direction out there.
Readwalking (with)Thoreau
(TBC 2021)
Simon Wortham, Early Mass (TBC 2021)
Wiebke Leister, Echoes & Soundings (TBC)
Linda Stupart,  Petrified (TBC 2021)