The Constellations

A group of stars forming a recognisable pattern that is traditionally named after its apparent form or identified with a mythological figure. A group of associated or similar people or things. A series of books from MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE. They are modest but lovely.


Forthcoming & New


Susan Finlay, Objektophilia  (January 2020) NEW FORMAT
Brian Lewis,  Red Flags (January 2020)
Linda Stupart,  Petrified (January 2020) Francis Wasser, Slip (June 2020) Wiebke Leister, Echoes & Soundings (June 2020)

New  in 2019: 

Rachel Cattle,  La  a dybird  (September 2019)
Anabelle Hulaut,  Les Pensées de Sam Moore. L’Arbre qui cache la forêt  /
The Thoughts of Sam Moore. The  Tree  that  hides the Wood
Isobel Wohl, Winter Strangers

Felicity Allen, The Disœuvre
David Berridge, The Drawer & A Pile of Bricks
Kate Briggs, Entertaining Ideas (The Long View)