The Constellations

A group of stars forming a recognisable pattern that is traditionally named after its apparent form or identified with a mythological figure. A group of associated or similar people or things. A series of books from MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE. They are modest but lovely.


New & Forthcoming

New & Recent: 

The Roland Barthes Reading Group, Setting a Bell Ringing. After an unmaster class with Anne Boyer
Mark Francis Johnson, 800 JKS
Mira Mattar, Yes, I am a destroyer
Adam Roberts, Lamentation. In the Stuart Croft Archive
Simon Wortham, The small


Tamarin Norwood, The Mourning Lines (June 2021)
Emmanuelle Waeckerlé, A direction out there
Readwalking (with)Thoreau
(June  2021)
Simon Wortham, Early Mass (December 2021)
Adrian Rifkin,  Future imperfect: the past between my fingers (December 2021)
Murdo MacDonald,  Ruskin’s Triangle (December 2021)
Francis Wasser, Slip ( TBC 2022)
Gill Houghton, Day Book (TBC  2022)
Wiebke Leister, Echoes & Soundings (TBC 2022)
Linda Stupart,  Petrified (TBC 2022)