RECIPES UNDER CONFINEMENT, 2021 Edited by Sharon Kivland

RECIPES UNDER CONFINEMENT is a cookbook that follows a call on Facebook by the Editor to friends and acquaintances in 2020, a few months into confinement, asking for their recipes under confinement (at the same time as a friend called for dreams). Many people were showing or recounting what they were preparing, with pride in their resourcefulness, their invention, their modest ambition. She mentioned Alice B. Toklas’s cook book as an example, which is a mingling of recipe and reminiscence. Herein are recipes sent by hundred and fifteen cooks, who are also writers, poets, artists, art historians, editors, philologists, lovers, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters (and of course, children and grandmothers and other kin. There are also several cats who did not provide recipes but interfered).
The recipes range from soup to nuts: from artichokes (planting of) to tea (brewing of), from smoking (fish, that is) to nettle soups (foraged); from pickles (various) to fermenting (tips and a kind offer). There are breads, cakes, muffins, scones, and puddings. Fridges are emptied, store cupboards exploited, and all are resourceful when resources are limited. And wonderfully, there is homebrewing, wine, and cocktails.

Profits from sales of this book will go to the Trussell Trust

Contributors: Carolyn Angus, Athanasios Argianas,  Vivien Ashley, Stella Baraklianou, Ingrid Berthon-Moine, Raegan Bird, Sutapa Biswas, Emma Bolland, Patricia Borlenghi, Moritz Böttcher, Jason E. Bowman, Uma Breakdown, Patrice Brendle, Christopher Breward, James Brook, Oisìn Byrne, Paul Buck, Sophie Carapetian, Louise Cattrell, Véronique Chance, Kate Clayton, Catherine Clover, Susan Collins, Nik Devlin & Edwina FitzPatrick, Susan Diab, Nathan Dragon, Julia Dubsky, Emma Edmondson & Derek Pitt, Gavin Everall, Louise Finney, Rachel Garfield, Thomas Gaugain, Steve Giasson, Vic Godard, Laura Godfrey-Isaacs & Tallulah Haddon & Mirabelle Haddon, greeenandowens, Lesley Guy, Nicky Hamlyn, Lucy Harrison, Ron Haselden, Gill Hobson, Anabelle Hulaut, Melanie Jackson, Rebecca Jagoe, Rebecca May Johnson,  Christina Jonsson, Elin Karlsson, Sharon Kivland, Tracey Kivland, Alexandra Kokoli, Florian Kraütli, Rebecca La Marre, Dirk Larsen, Joanne Lee, Elizabeth Legge, Catherine Linton, Alison Lloyd, Giovanna Mackenna, Tracy Mackenna, Fred Mann,  Katharine Meynell, Debbie Michaels, Simon Morris, Terri Mulholland, Lia Nalbantidou, Garrett Nelson, Joseph Noonan-Ganley, Joakim Norling, Ruth Novaczek, Sonya Park, Bharti Parmar, Brigitte Pemberton, Catherine Petit, Ashton Politanoff,  Josh Pollen, Roy Claire Potter & Dale Holmes, Mandy Prowse, Benjamin Rhodes, Sophy Rickett, Adam Roberts, Lisa Robertson, Hilary Robinson, Geno Rodriguez, Caroline Rooney & Julia Borossa, Helen Sargeant, Joe Scanlan, Louis-Georges Schwartz, Angelika Steiger, Lalitte Stolper, Isabella Streffen, Laura Tarlo-Ross & Harriet Tarlo, Mimei Thompson, Hannah Thorne, Lynn Turner, L. E. Usher,  Guillaume Vandamme, Lauren Velvick, Marie von Heyl, Emmanuelle Waeckerlé, Frank Wasser, Julie Westerman, David Williams, Louise K. Wilson, Hermione Wiltshire, Christian A. Wollin, Sarah Wood, Nicola Woodham & Robin Bale, Charlie Youle & Sukie Martin-Youle, Silvia Ziranek
N.B.: There are some small errata in the first printing, due to a misunderstanding over print files (an idiot of an Editor), but nothing terrible, and all will be corrected in the second printing, which hopefully will come about due to sales. 

228 pages
205 mm x 140 mm

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