Florence Uniacke

unsouled is the grief of thou century, / a haze whose eye is only me / will to do. In fantasy I-I stop’d– / on a rampant misery / that you must admit / total change / may not solve.

Suiving is a synthesis of art and revolutionary impulse, asking its reader to listen differently, to open. It evokes language trapped inside a body, trapped inside the prescribed architecture of how we should be. Words slip between languages. Linguistic clods are frozen and thawed. Sound travels through a forest of mutating ‘syllabubs/llabites’. Each building block of speech asserts
the right to exist for itself (sans intepretation).
–> Francesca Lisette

Florence Uniacke is a poet and artist living in London. She has published two collections of poetry, Can Get In No Particular Place and MOVE–>. Suiving is her third collection.

44 pages
140 mm x 92 mm, printed inside cover
Format: Paperback
ISBN 978-1-910055-71-7

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