Rona Lorimer
Livre, Livret, Liver, 2018

One day a group of girls are on the street in Paris. With Marx, Freud, Lacan, and the Cops watching over them they become entangled in an argument about desire and money with a young Marxist, which leads to another of their continuing arrests. The book is a script, one that has been performed with many people in different locations in Berlin, Paris, and London.

Rona Lorimer was born in London and lives in Paris. She studied literature, and has worked as a personal assistant, a nanny, a retail girl, a school teacher, an extra, an actress, and a waitress. Her work is published in the Brooklyn Rail, Mute magazine, NO MONEY, Da Thirst, MATERIALS, and HUGE EPISODES.

This opuscule is out of print. 

Edition of 50, each signed & numbered
24 pages
190 mm x 130 mm
Softback, sewn
ISBN:  978-1-910055-50-2

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